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Looking for books and bookish activities to help your child tackle complex emotions? This series is for you!

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These age-appropriate exercises and activities are designed to tackle the complex emotions a child faces and help the child to work out how and why they feel that way!

Crafted with the assistance of a child and family psychotherapist, this whole series is such a wonderful resource for regulating emotions and learning how to deal with them in practical, fun ways!  


LETTING GO! These writing, craft, and doodling activities are designed to offer children support through experiences of loss, change, disappointment, and grief by using creativity to combat negative feelings and help them work through difficult times.

BE POSITIVE! Readers use creativity to combat negative feelings and boost self-esteem with the writing, craft, and doodling activities designed to help them feel more self-confident.

NO WORRIES! The supportive activities in this book are designed to tackle child anxiety and stress, help the child to work out how and why they feel worried, encourage them to talk to others about their worries (if they want to), and feel calmer.
HELLO HAPPY! The age-appropriate drawing and writing exercises in this book will help the child to define and understand their feelings, deal with emotions, and discover paths to happiness, peace, and positivity.
BE BRAVE! These activities and fun exercises will help you feel braver, understand your feelings, make choices about how to react, talk to others about your worries (if you want to), and grow in courage, confidence and positivity.
STAY STRONG! These age-appropriate writing and drawing activities show you how to cope with the way teasing and bullying make you feel, give you ideas about how to feel better and help you to find the courage to make it stop.


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